Riina Kauppi

I work as a textile artist and bring my work to life with different handcraft techniques; the main technique used is textile intarsia. Themes I work with in my art are related to everyday life. I ponder questions about consumption and owning, our relationship with nature. Also clothes and the various meanings they include has become a frequent source of interest.

I explore the possibilities of form and shape in artworks. My works are often colourful and illustrative. I think that the textile material offers a surprise when it is used instead of painting.

It is an important part of my artistic practice to try new ways to use already existing materials in my work. Woollen fabrics and used textiles such as old jeans and clothes are a common material in my works.

I work as a freelancer and present my works at the exhibitions. If you are interested about some of my works, would like to collaborate or just have some questions, you are more than welcome to contact me!