Above the ordinary

During the pandemic year we stayed at home; no traveling, no social gatherings, no… Life became more stagnant. When there was no point on planning the next event or dream about the upcoming trips I wondered what could I do instead? What makes one happy?  I started to observe my immediate surroundings; look at it with a new appreciation and interest.

It’s easy to take ducks for granted, but they are part of the wildlife that city dwellers have access to. How mindful and attentive am I to my surroundings?

The wild ducks are for me a link between the present and the carefree days of childhood.
The ducks have a certain cuteness, even innocence in their character that makes my thoughts calm down. Shall we feed the ducks?


The main materials used in this art piece are recycled jeans and woollen fabrics.  Techniques used are textile intarsia and applique. The smallest duck on the left is soft;  stuffed with polyesterfibers and can describes as a soft sculpture.  The whole artwork takes wall space approximately 100 cm * 120 cm.