Plantae (Växtrikedom)

During the pandemic year we stayed at home; no traveling, no social gatherings, no… Life became more stagnant. When there was no point on planning or dreaming about the upcoming whatsoever I wondered what could I do instead? What makes one happy?  I started to observe my immediate surroundings; look at it with a new appreciation and interest.

Plantae got started from sketching and drawing on an ordinary plot plant. The potential in the ordinary  is endless if I am (we are) able to see it.

The main materials used in this art piece are recycled jeans and woollen fabrics. Technique used is textile intarsia. Work is hand stitched.  The whole artwork consist four pieces and takes wall space approximately 185 cm * 51 cm.

A few of my works are from the same period of time and explores the everyday life, feeling of happiness and person’s ability to appreciate and enjoy his/her ordinary life. The works which I did during the pandemic year 2019-20 and which were presented at the exhibition “Från det vardagliga” (From the everyday life) are Apartmenthouse, Plantae, Above the ordinary and A longing for… to the present.