A longing for… to the present

During the pandemic year we stayed at home; no traveling, no social gatherings, no… Life became more stagnant. When there was no point on planning or dreaming about the upcoming whatsoever I wondered what could I do instead? What makes one happy?  I started to observe my immediate surroundings; look at it with a new appreciation and interest.

I started to think and realize that that how a person feels has much to do with his/her attitude and ability to see and appreciate what he/she already have. I became interested about a cliché we hear so often that living in the moment can be the answer for happiness.  Clichés quite often also have some truth in them. On work A longing for… to the present, my aim was to explore and portray visually the feeling of lightness; how it might feel to have a carefree state of mind and enjoy the moment.

A few of my works are from the same period of time and explores the everyday life, feeling of happiness and person’s ability to appreciate and enjoy his/her ordinary life. The works which I did during the pandemic year 2019-20 and which were presented at the exhibition “Från det vardagliga” (From the everyday life) are Apartmenthouse, Plantae, Above the ordinary and A longing for… to the present.