THOUGHT BUBBLES – textile artwork

History and previous times fascinates me. “Thought bubbles” is my contemporary version of the early 1900s abstract art. The work is made from woollen fabrics using textile intarsia, applique and embroidery. Textiles are mounted on wooden boards.

I think that textile material offers a surprise when it is used instead of painting. I have played with shapes and strong colour zones and combined them with motives from the nature. My wish is to create well-being and happiness to the viewers life and that is why nature is used as a source of inspiration.

It is well known that nature has a positive effects towards health and even just looking at pictures from the nature can reduce stress. Utilizing this idea I have created a two-pieced textile artwork which through vibrant colours and flower and leaf motives will hopefully bring joy and vitality to the viewer’s mind; that is why the work got its title “Thought bubbles”.

The whole artwork takes wall space approximately  120 cm * 90 cm.